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We produce monthly magazine issues in different sectors. Take a look at some of our previous products.

BUBU Magazine

Buy Uganda, Build Uganda (BUBU) Magazine, a quarterly publication focusing on promoting locally produced products. This is in partnership with Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives.

East African Community (EAC) Magazine (November)

We execute this project in partnership with the Ministry for East African Community Affairs. The project exposes the EAC to the public, educating the people on the objectives and gains from the Community.

Independence Magazine

It is an annual Magazine reflecting on Uganda governments’ achievements over time. While it features elements of the past for the education of the present generation, it reflects on the gains an independent people have registered in the previous 12 months to consolidate their independence.

Liberation Magazine (January)

This is an annual publication dedicated to reflecting the gains of the NRM government,against the background of its genesis in a guerrilla struggle. Its focus includes the NRM political history, and economic growth trends in various sectors. The Liberation Magazine
published on Liberation day

The Vet and Livestock Magazine

It is an annual Magazine reflecting on the work of the professionals and other stakeholdersin the veterinary sector, and the state of the livestock industry, considering its criticalcontribution to the socio-economic development of the people and the nation.

Agaf 'eno Paper

This is a very popular newspaper publication in the Busoga region brought to you by Manifesto Publications

Manifesto Magazine (May)

It’s a yearly publication which scans the manifesto of the government in power and reflects on the gains of its implementation. This affords a comparison of experiences and hence pulling up of socks by the stake holders.

Police Community Magazine (October)

It is an annual publication highlighting the activities of Uganda Police. Police Community Magazine especially reflects the gains relating to its work among the force’s various publics. It is a platform for the force’s partners and stakeholders to share experiences for the
enlightenment of the public, particularly on security and safety.

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